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Wingtra Drone (VTOL)

Wingtra Drone (VTOL)

WingtraOne has a unique set of features empowers you to minimize your time flying and get more work done, be it another project in the field or analyzing your data at the office.

Use one drone for all your mapping missions With swappable cameras and propellers, and advanced flight planning features, you are able to collect different types of data in any environment.

WingtraOne drone

  • Efficient fixed-wing flight
  • 42 MP camera
  • No more GCPs, checkpoints only
  • Lower image overlaps
  • Ready to fly in five minutes
  • Pre-flight checklist
  • Fully autonomous

WingtraOne GEN II

  • Brand new OBLIQUE payload integration for finest 3D map quality
  • PPK integrated on every drone, including with multispectral payloads
  • Next level electronics infrastructure
  • Self-diagnosis, fail-safe algorithms and services for dependable operations
  • And much more...