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Trimble UX5

HP Unmanned Aircraft System

Trimble UX5 HP Unmanned Aircraft System

The Trimble UX5 HP is a professional aerial mapping system, designed to capture the highest image accuracy for survey applications. The features of the new UX5 High Precision will include an integrated Trimble GNSS receiver, a powerful new camera, and a selection of camera lenses for the ultimate in system flexibility.

Trimble UX5

  • High Performance Trimble GNSS receiver with PPK technology
  • 36 MP, full-frame, high resolution camera
  • Orthomosaics resolution down to 1 cm & 3D models with up to 1,000 pts/m2
  • Survey quality accuracy without ground control
  • Fully automated Trimble Access workflows for ease of -use and safe operation
  • Simple data processing with Trimble Business Center photogrammetry module
  • Advanced data processing with Trimble Inpho UASMaster